(Probable) Facts About Me

Recently I said something funny to a friend of mine, who turned her head and replied, "You're funny, but you used to be funnier." That must be true.

I'm learning how to make a personal website from scratch. Can you tell?

Chances are good that I can tell you more about making naturally-leavened bread than you want to know.

I love to ski. And hike, and ride my 1978 Sekai.

I enjoy a good run. Well, a good run and walk. Often, I take pictures or listen to music, sometimes podcasts. I'm not too serious about my running, but I do have goals.

I travel.

I enjoy writing and reading.

Sometimes I get incredibly good project ideas. Some people have bucket lists. I don't. I don't think I'm better than the people who do.

I still do a little paid work.

A few of the other things I find enjoyable:

Enjoy looking around!